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  • "Here's Olie with the Black-U-Weather forecast. Olie?" "IZ GONNA RAIN!" "Thank you, Olie"

    06/18/03 - 10:38PM

    Huzzah! I live! And I've completed a light 'Schubert Chamber' mix of everyone's favorite Iolo tune, Stones. Hopefully it'll strike someone's fancy.

    I've also added a link section to the site. If anyone out there is running an Origin-related site, send me an e-mail and a link to your page and I'll add you to the list.

    04/1/03 - 3:50PM

    There is a revoiced version of the Pleasure Planet theme up now. Enjoy.

    I am now using a KORG Karma Music Workstation loaded with the EXB-PCM08 expansion card for nearly all of my sound source. Expect quality to scale up gradually as I become accustom to using it. From time to time I will use some VSTs and SoundFonts. If any of you out in cyber world have any requests, or just want to chat me up, do so at this address.

    In other news, I'm currently seeking out other people who like to toy around with MIDI, sequencers, keyboards, etc. I've thought of putting together a compilation CD of some of Origin's best music (80 minutes long), full of either complete remixes and/or simple high quality patch revoicings. If you are interested (and have the tools) to join such a project, drop me a line.

    03/27/03 - 1:50PM

    Back up a bit early with some new content. I've titled this one "Ladies and Gentlemen, Lieutenant Zach Colson on the Piano". It's played through my KORG Karma with a 16MB Bosendorfer concert grand piano patch. I've actually had this one sitting around for quite a while and wasn't too sure what to do with it, but with the realization that people actually look at this page *gasp*... here it is. Enjoy.

    I've also recorded a little bit of unplugged acoustic guitar Wing Commander. The audio quality isn't that hot, but it can also be gotten on that menu to your left there.

    03/27/03 - 1:20PM

    Oh my God. It has come to my attention (whee apache logs) that people are actually downloading mp3s from this page.

    I find this to be amazing. This means I'll have to redo all these terrible mp3s that I'm so, so very embarrassed of. Look for an update in the coming days.